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Whole frame of the container houses welded/bolt with steel. It’s very strong, more wind-resistant and shock-resistant and about 7.600KG weight. (40ft Model)


Shipping containers, like modular systems, can be recycled fully at the end of their life cycles.

Shipping containers are eye-catching and can help make a brand or project distinct and unmistakable.
Container houses are ready to live without extra labor costs. Ready kitchen, bathroom, floor, and wall paintings and requires just connect to water, electricity and septic. Thats all
Container Houses are easy to relocate. Just plug/pipe out and you are ready to move.
Standard Size
The size of the Container Houses is standard across the world and not required an escort service to move.

America Tiny Home

We refine used sea freight containers into living spaces using leading-edge technology

Our multi-patented process enables a mechanically inserted, monolithic, and thus thermal bridge-free high-performance insulation. The processing of used sea freight containers into housing modules is carried out in a serial industrial process with precision and consistently high quality. Increasingly, we are gaining space and can deliver high quantities in a short time.


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Absolutely thrilled with my new American Tiny Home container! The design is perfect for my needs and the quality of the construction is top-notch. The team was also incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, answering any questions I had and making sure I was happy with every aspect of the build. I couldn’t recommend American Tiny Home enough!

I was a bit nervous about going with a container home for my family, but American Tiny Home put all my worries to rest. The finished product is beautiful and spacious, and the attention to detail is impressive. The team was also wonderful to work with, always keeping me informed and making sure I was completely satisfied. I’m so happy I went with American Tiny Home!

I am so impressed with the quality of my American Tiny Home container. It’s clear that the team takes pride in their work and puts a lot of care into every detail. Not only is it beautifully designed and expertly constructed, but it’s also incredibly functional and efficient. I’m thrilled with my new home and would recommend American Tiny Home to anyone looking for a unique and high-quality living space.

From start to finish, my experience with American Tiny Home was fantastic. The team was knowledgeable, professional, and attentive, and they went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with the end result. The container home they built for me is stunning, and I’m constantly getting compliments on it from friends and family. I’m so glad I chose American Tiny Home!

I had high expectations for my American Tiny Home container, and they were exceeded in every way. The quality of the materials and workmanship is exceptional, and the design is both beautiful and practical. The team was also a pleasure to work with, and I appreciated their attention to detail and commitment to making sure I was happy with every aspect of the build. I’m so glad I chose American Tiny Home and would recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and high-quality living space.


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