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Design, Production, Integration, Shipment, Guidance and Installation, America Tiny Home will use all of our efforts to avoid every hidden problem and solve every puzzle which may happen in every single link until your project is complete.

America Tiny Home provides an integrated architectural plan, which includes full sets of architectural design, interior decoration design, structural design, and landscape design. Director provides the best-prefabricated building solution according to the specific requirements of different regions. In order to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, America Tiny Home only designs and builds passive houses following the Copenhagen Global Climat Agreement in order to provide the lowest energy cost.


    We Do Not Offer Just a House
    We Offer a LifeStyle


    Whole frame of the container houses welded/bolt with steel. It’s very strong, more wind-resistant and shock-resistant and about 7.600KG weight. (40ft Model)


    Shipping containers, like modular systems, can be recycled fully at the end of their life cycles.

    Shipping containers are eye-catching and can help make a brand or project distinct and unmistakable.
    Container houses are ready to live without extra labor costs. Ready kitchen, bathroom, floor, and wall paintings and requires just connect to water, electricity and septic. Thats all
    Container Houses are easy to relocate. Just plug/pipe out and you are ready to move.
    Standard Size
    The size of the Container Houses is standard across the world and not required an escort service to move.


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